Quantity Take Off Sheet

Quantity Take Off Sheet With Example

Are you in need of a reliable way to estimate the quantity of materials needed for your construction project? Quantity take off sheets are an invaluable tool that can help you calculate the amount of material, labor, and equipment required to complete a job. 

By providing an accurate assessment of what is necessary, it can help save time and money while also ensuring every aspect of your project proceeds as expected. In this blog post, we’ll explore how QTO sheets work, their benefits, and how they make any size construction project more efficient!

What is a quantity take-off sheet?

It is a document that helps construction contractors determine the cost of labor and materials they will need to complete a task. Generally, these sheets contain information such as measurements, sizes, shapes, and quantities of items needed.

These calculations are based on blueprints and other technical drawings to provide an accurate estimate. This allows the lead contractor to better assess the project’s scope and secure the necessary resources at a fair price. It is invaluable for budgeting purposes within the construction industry.

Quantity Takeoff sheet

Benefits of QTO Sheets

It provide a powerful way to estimate the cost of construction projects. They serve as an essential tool by breaking down a project into details such as materials needed, labor costs, and other associated expenses.

By creating a detailed list of necessary elements for the entire project, you can compare different options, adjust budget estimates, and make sure each item to be included is accounted for.

Utilizing these sheets can save you time when calculating cost projections since they are highly detailed, yet easily understandable. Overall, using a QTO sheet can improve the accuracy of cost estimations while providing more control over the final price tag.

Steps to Creating a QTO Sheet

Creating a quantity take-off sheet is an important step in any construction project. It takes measurements of the materials and supplies that are needed to complete the job.

This allows contractors to provide accurate estimates on costs, while also ensuring they have everything they need to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. 

To get started, there are simple steps you can follow. You’ll need to identify all the tasks that must be completed for the project. Measure each item in detail and record it on your QTO sheet, including elements such as length, width, and surface area for every material that needs to be ordered or for which labor is required.

Calculate the costs and add them to the QTO sheet. With these steps in mind, creating a quantity take-off sheet is easy and straight forward!

Calculating Costs with a QTO Sheet

With the help of a quantity take-off (QTO) sheet, calculating costs has never been easier. A QTO sheet breaks down every component of the project into individual pieces and allows for easy counting and pricing of each item.

Not only does this remove the frustration from determining the total cost of a project, but it also provides transparency and accuracy. Why waste time when you can whip up a QTO sheet in no time? Get organized today with this useful tool!

Software Options for QTO Sheets

Whether you are a construction company, subcontractor, or even a do-it-yourselfer on a home project, having the right software for your quantity take-off (QTO) sheets can make all the difference. Having access to applications that can do everything from bidder tracking to cost estimating has never been easier or more important.

From cloud-based software to specialized desktop applications, there is an option out there that will suit your individual needs and help streamline your QTO sheet process quickly and efficiently. Whether productivity is your goal or accuracy is what you are looking for, putting in the effort to research and find the best software for your QTO sheets can be well worth it in the end.


If you are in the business of construction, then quantity takeoff sheets are likely a regular part of your life. These helpful little tools allow contractors to quickly and accurately estimate the amount of material needed for a job. 

While they may seem like nothing more than a simple form, there is actually quite a bit of science that goes into creating an effective quantity take off sheet. If you want to learn more about how to create an effective quantity take off sheet or need help with yours, contact us today. We would be happy to share our expertise with you!

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