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Make your construction projects easier with precise material takeoff and quantity takeoff services. Our construction takeoff experts will give you accurate cost estimates for better planning.

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    Our take-off and estimating services can be used by all trades in construction. We do not limit our estimating take offs to anyone. We provide one-man bands through to tier 1 building clients our take off services. We have had a lot of success doing this due to our approach mentioned above

    Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

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    As a globally recognised professional body, everything we do is designed to effect positive change in the built and natural environments. Through our respected global standards, leading professional progression and our trusted data and insight, we promote and enforce the highest professional standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

    Our work with others provides a foundation for confident markets, pioneers better places to live and work and is a force for positive social impact. With over 134,000 highly qualified trainees and professionals, and offices in every significant financial market, we are ideally placed to influence policy and embed our standards within local marketplaces in order to protect consumers and businesses. 

    In doing so, we can innovate and progress the development of spaces and places so they are fit for future generations, in addition to the challenges faced in the present.

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    Our Material Takeoff Projects

    Project Details:

    Location: Perth
    Sector: Apartments

    Services Provided:

    • Full structural take offs
    • Full structural BOQ completion
    • Full structural estimating
    • Full completion of the tender program
    • Procurement of specific subcontractors
    • Procurement of specification materials
    • Procurement of specific plant including concrete pumping
    • Risk, contract, and commercial review
    • Submission of the compliant proposal with follow ups.

    Project Details:

    Location: New South Wales
    Sector: Utilities

    Services Provided:

    • Full quantity take-off of formwork
    • Full quantity take-off of concrete
    • Full quantity take-off of reinforcement
    • Full quantity take-off of earthworks
    • Completion of clients supplied BOQ
    • Review drawing revisions and amend quantities accordingly

    Project Details:

    Sector: Infrastructure

    Services Provided:

    • Tendering measurement and bill of quantities
    • Estimation
    • Resourcing
    • Programming
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Progress Claims
    • Variations
    • Contract Claims.

    Project Details:

    Location: Perth
    Sector: Apartments

    Services Provided:

    • Full structural take offs
    • Full structural BOQ completion
    • Full structural estimating
    • Full completion of tender program
    • Procurement of specific subcontractors
    • Procurement of specification materials
    • Procurement of specific plant including concrete pumping
    • Risk, contract, and commercial review
      Submission of the compliant proposal with follow ups

    Material Takeoff Services

    Take off meaning in construction refers to a process for measuring all materials for certain elements of a building project. The term “take off” means to take measurements from drawings to ascertain quantities. 

    We provide those customers with construction take-offs including fully marked up drawings on completion as well as a comprehensive bill of quantities, a full detailed list of our assumptions and clarifications plus a list of inclusions and exclusions which you can use for your submissions. 

    Our business has been providing material take off services for several years now and we have many happy clients who simply send us projects to do regularly. We just get on with the work meaning that it becomes a hassle-free process for you and your business. 

    Our team of chartered professionals provide unrivaled services and are a trusted partner for our clients, always working towards the common goal.

    Material Takeoff

    Material Takeoff Sheet

    Our construction take off sheets provide you with guidance when you are completing a take-off. Quantity take off sheet are formulated in a way that helps you to separate all the different elements of the process. 

    The material take-off sheet example is constructed in this way so that it assists in the remembering of each element of a project as you proceed through the work. 

    The quantity take-off sheets for construction serve our business as the best tool for providing effective solutions to our customers, so we take them seriously. 

    With the construction take-off sheet excel document it can be used as an estimating take-off sheet used by an appropriately experienced person with the skills and knowledge of the estimating process. 

    When using the material take off sheet template excel document we provide, you can be sure cover all areas of your take off journey.  

    quantity takeoff

    Quantity Takeoff Services

    Material take off and quantity take off services is what our company is best known for. As a related company of Measure Manage, we provide highly accurate material and quantity take offs for our customers around Australia. 

    The quantities can then be used to work out the required materials, plant, labour and other items which may need to be factored in to estimate the cost of this particular element. 

    Construction take-off meaning and quantity take-off meaning are effectively the same thing. Think of it like reverse engineering how much quantity you need of certain items for making a cake.

    If a cake was presented to you with no ingredients the take-off task would be to find out how much flour, eggs, bi-card soda, icing etc would be required to make that cake again. 

    Construction Takeoff List Example

    Here is a look at our material take-off list below. This construction take-off example list is an extensive look at all the different elements of a take of as set out in the Australian Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works  Sixth Edition.  

    Looking for Material Takeoff Services?

    Our services are 100% reliable 24/7, State-of-the-art technology,
    Our company is built on transparency

    Our Material Quantity Takeoff Services

    Performing material quantity takeoff is the first step of many in the construction bidding process. Over the past decade, our skills have helped improve speed and accuracy of our clients’ projects, big and small.

    Marked Up Drawings

    Our markup and measuring tools capture project scope accurately for a stronger, more precise tender. We specialise in concrete takeoffs and have full experience across other areas.  

    estimating take offs

    Digital Take off

    We use state-of-the-art construction takeoff software to enhance the speed and accuracy of our work. We have used this for years, and have a streamlined process to make our clients’ lives easier. 

    Bill of Quantities

    Bill of Quantities

    Once the digital takeoff is complete, we then populate the bill of quantities in the appropriate format. Our clients sometimes provide their own format, or choose our template. All quantities are backed up by fully marked up drawings and clarifications.

    Our Material Quantity Takeoff Process

    5 easy steps to process our material take off 

    Step 1

    Complete and submit the quote request form, make sure to attach your plans/drawings.

    Step 2

    We will review and send you a quote with cost and ETA usually
    within a few hours.

    Step 3

    Once you accept the quote, then we send you an invoice.

    Step 4

    Once payment is verified, we get to work right away on your
    takeoff order.

    Step 5

    After a thorough quality control check you will receive a detailed takeoff for each requested trade.

    Need Material Estimate of Construction Project?

    Our services are 100% reliable 24/7, State-of-the-art technology,
    Our company is built on transparency

    Our Material Quantity Takeoff Methods

    quantity take off methods

    All quantity take-off projects go through our strict ready to measure protocols to make sure our output is consistent each time. With our processes and systems, we can take on the largest of construction take-off as well as the smallest all at the same time. 

    The staff we work with have been trained in our systems and understand the high level of accuracy that we demand for our customers. They take this responsibility upon themselves to provide top quality work when it comes to your take offs. 

    Our focus is on providing strong and accurate estimates with a quick turnaround, meaning our clients can bid more jobs with confidence.

    Our vast experience in estimating all types of construction projects (civil, mining, commercial and residential and more), means we can guarantee professional and accurate take offs.

    With decades of experience, we are specialists in preparing the best quality material take-offs for all construction trades. We are a ‘trusted pair of hands’ who will guide you through the construction process. 

    Material Takeoff Software Australia

    We have searched for the best construction take off software, and we have found that Blue Beam is best quantity take off software. This digital take off software allows our business to provide the fastest and most accurate take offs possible. 

    Which numerous features to the software we have been able to streamline our take off process. The ease of use coupled with the easy-to-use layout makes the take offs much more consistent than other software’s we have tried. 

    With this take off software we can provide our clients with leading marked up drawings and legends to show exactly what is on each drawing. This gives our customers peace of mind when using our services. 

    Finally, the accuracy of the best material take-off software in Australia allows use to constantly check our measurements to make sure everything is perfect. The interface is perfectly adaptable to any type of take-offs. Formulas can be entered so that taking off one element can lead to taking off several materials all at the same time. 

    best construction takeoff software

    What do you enjoy when you work with us

    Our services are 100% reliable 24/7, State-of-the-art technology, Our company is built on transparency.

    Knowledge About Material Take Off

    What is a Material Takeoff

    What is a Material Take off?

    The material and quantity takeoff is often a living document that undergoes many changes until a design is finalised and a bid is secured. 

    estimating take offs

    How to Estimate Construction Costs?

    Our estimates are reliable and you can count on us to minimise wastage and over/under-budgeting while taking into account all relevant factors.

    material quantity takeoff

    How to Do a Material Take off

    Quantifying and listing the prices of the materials helps come up with a construction cost estimate before the construction work begins. First, the estimator creates a quantity takeoff…

    Clients We Have Worked For

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is takeoff spreadsheet based?

    Yes, all of our takeoffs are provided in excel or google sheets. However this can be amended to specific requirements of our clients.

    We provide our takeoff services for subcontractors, main contractors, clients and suppliers. 

    No, our services are the basis for the estimators to provide the proposal for their construction project.

    How quick can you expect a takeoff or estimate?

    Depending on our current projects as well as the size and complexity of the project we are looking at, we generally turn these around within 7 days. This can be quicker for small projects, and longer for larger projects.

    Yes, we can provide you with an outline of our bills of quantities as well as marked up drawings as a basis. We generally do not send a bill of quantities work due to privacy for our clients. 

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