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With decades of experience, we are specialists in preparing the best quality material takeoffs for all construction trades. We are a ‘trusted pair of hands’ who will guide you through the construction process.

Our team of chartered professionals provide unrivaled services and are a trusted partner for our clients, always working towards the common goal.

Providing faultless material and quantity takeoffs, we play a significant role in the construction process from start to completion.

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Our Takeoff Services

Performing material quantity takeoff is the first step of many in the construction bidding process. Over the past decade, our skills have helped improve speed and accuracy of our clients’ projects, big and small.

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Marked Up Drawings

Our markup and measuring tools capture project scope accurately for a stronger, more precise tender. We specialise in concrete takeoffs and have full experience across other areas.  

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We use state-of-the-art construction takeoff software to enhance the speed and accuracy of our work. We have used this for years, and have a streamlined process to make our clients’ lives easier. 

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Bill of Quantities

Once the digital takeoff is complete, we then populate the bill of quantities in the appropriate format. Our clients sometimes provide their own format, or choose our template. All quantities are backed up by fully marked up drawings and clarifications.

Why Choose us?

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Our Quantity take off methods

material takeoff services

Our focus is on providing strong and accurate estimates with a quick turnaround, meaning our clients can bid more jobs with confidence.

Our vast experience in estimating all types of construction projects (civil, mining, commercial and residential and more), means we can guarantee professional and accurate take offs.

As part of our takeoff services, we will give you a complete list of materials with quantities, as well as the measurements we have used for the take off. Our focus on accuracy  is supported by our system of checking our estimates across more than one member of our team before submitting it to you.  

Knowledge About Material Take Off

what is material takeoff

What is a Material Takeoff?

The material and quantity takeoff is often a living document that undergoes many changes until a design is finalised and a bid is secured. 

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How to Estimate Construction Costs?

Our estimates are reliable and you can count on us to minimise wastage and over/under-budgeting while taking into account all relevant factors.

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How to Do a Material Takeoff

Quantifying and listing the prices of the materials helps come up with a construction cost estimate before the construction work begins. First, the estimator creates a quantity takeoff…

Material and Quantity Takeoff Testimonials

"Your proposal has literally blown me away. This is the best I have ever seen so full credit to all involved with your tender. I'm literally lost for words, absolutely perfect."


"Thanks to you, we are getting a lot of feedback on your submissions that are very professional. The quantities and highlighted marked-up plans show we are pricing correctly. Great work!"


"It's a big step up for us to go from spending $0 to 10's of thousands of dollars. Now I can see the benefits of estimating. Well done!"


Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is takeoff spreadsheet based?

Yes, all of our takeoffs are provided in excel or google sheets. However this can be amended to specific requirements of our clients.

Who uses our estimating services?

We provide our takeoff services for subcontractors, main contractors, clients and suppliers. 

Will takeoff eliminate estimators?

No, our services are the basis for the estimators to provide the proposal for their construction project.

How quick can you expect a takeoff or estimate?

Depending on our current projects as well as the size and complexity of the project we are looking at, we generally turn these around within 7 days. This can be quicker for small projects, and longer for larger projects.

Do you provide sample takeoff/estimate to new clients?

Yes, we can provide you with an outline of our bills of quantities as well as marked up drawings as a basis. We generally do not send a bill of quantities work due to privacy for our clients. 

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